How to Mine in 7 Days to Die Alpha 15

7 Days to Die Mining Artical

How to Mine in 7 Days to Die

Mining in 7 Days to Die is tedious work, but has great long-game benefits! Mining is the best way to obtain large amounts of raw minerals, and with the proper crafting stations can be turned into a revenue generating operation or used to boost your player’s survivability!

The deeper you go, the more abundant the resources are (and the more likely you are to find rare materials). Common materials are Iron, Oil Shale, Coal, Nitrate Powder and rare resources like Gold and Silver. Digging a mineshaft down to bedrock is a great way to mine without fear of being detected by Zombies. You are deep enough that they cannot hear, smell or sense you, though we have not tried mining during a blood moon.

In the video below, Tadradan shows you how various mining tools work … with explosive results!

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