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For Honor Game Review

For Honor Game Review

For Honor will go down as Ubisoft’s biggest mistake since Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. With bugs and glitches in the release that were found during the ALPHA that still have yet to be addressed to a story that requires the use of a feeding tube this game is an abysmal failure from a developer that has released so many great titles recently. Clearly senior leadership placed too much faith in Stephane Cardin’s competence, leadership or creative talent. Only Michael Bay could have screwed this up more.


The graphics are good, and Ubisoft put a lot of detail into the game. The arenas are beautiful, but you really do not have time to take in the scenery and appreciate the work the artists put into it. It’s a pity really, because it is beautiful. The character customization’s are extremely detailed with a lot of customization options and even more options available for $45 from the in game store. Overall I give the graphics a 4 primarily because you don’t get the opportunity to truly appreciate the work that went into them.


The story feels forced. When rumor spread in 2014 that For Honor would be PvP only following in the footsteps of other games titles like Titanfall, Stephane Cardin was quick to refute this rumor, stating there would be a single player campaign. I think he used that rumor as grounds to make a single player campaign a
campaign that you have to be online to play as long as Ubisoft’s server are online. The campaign is a rail, allowing for no immersion into the game world. It just forces you through the three factions story so you understand who Apollyon is and why the three factions are at war with each other. Personally I had hoped for more of an ESO style single player campaign. Where you pick one faction to play and it feels like a whole story, then play the other factions if you want a different view of the same story. Aside from the multitude of network related issues they currently have, the coop campaign mode is fun but not consistent. In the first mission the boss fight is 1-on-1, so each team member has to wait their turn. Later fights they either add more NPCs based on the group size, or just let the whole group rape a single boss.

Combat and Game Mechanics

Let’s move on to the game mechanics and combat. The concept behind the combat system is damn good idea, and when it works it is great but too many times the combat system breaks. A party member glitches in front of you taking the hit and allowing the other player to escape. Server lag causes your block to not block. Or your player keeps changing stances or outright does not change stance when you need it to.

And the combat system for the different classes is not clearly explained. You have to read a stupid “hint” to find out later that Assassin’s “do not hold their stance, therefore they can not block, only parry”. Some classes definitely run out of stamina way too fast, and the tanks stagger so easily and attack so slowly that it makes them virtually useless.

Just because there is still hope for their combat system with some server fixes and a few more tweaks I think in version 1.1 of For Honor the combat system is going to be great especially for the multiplayer side so I’m going to go ahead and give them a three right now.


On the subject of Lore there is none. Play the campaign and try to find all the damn glowy balls to try and get some semblance of lore, but it’s so difficult to find the damn things. When you do happen to find some you’re ALWAYS in the middle of combat that you don’t really have time to appreciate it (or realize how shallow the story and lore actually are). And there’s no way in the menu to go back and review lore items that you found during the story mission. So lore for For Honor gets a big fat goose egg.


The game has an economy that would make TmarTn and ProSyndicate proud. I wouldn’t be surprised if they already setup No need to grind out multiplayer XP when you can unlock all of the feats for all classes for only $45! Don’t forget to get your champion status and get increased XP! Upgrading your gear takes steel and iron that almost never drop, but don’t worry Uncle Ubisoft has some you can buy off of him. I hate pay to win games, even more so when I already shelled out $60 for the damn game. Ubisoft can take their micro transactions and shove them up their collective ass.


As for the replayability, if you like arena battles in the same 5 maps over and over again, then you will like this for awhile before you stop playing. In my opinion Destiny had a longer shelf life than For Honor will.