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The Division 1.5 Expansion II Survival

The Division 1.5 Expansion II Survival The Division 1.5 update went live with it’s second paid DLC “Survival” and it was worth the wait! We’ve played as teammates and run solo, PvE and PvP…and it is good all the way around. PvP solo is basically suicide unless you are crazy lucky. If you haven’t heard,

Tom Clancy’s The Division Game Dark Zone Proximity Chat

Darkzone Proximity Chat

Ubisoft made some great modifications to the Proximity Chat System in Tom Clancy’s The Division Game. You are able to hear the other players much clearer now when you enter the Dark Zone and from a much farther distance away. I really like this and I hope they keep it that way because it requires your team to be much more tactical when engaging other players or trying to surprise them. We said it before, never trust anyone in the Dark Zone, and a full team is usually only looking for your loot.

What is the Dark Zone

Dark Zone Review

What is the Dark Zone ? It is an area in Tom Clancy’s The Division Game where the sick were quarantined during the outbreak. This area suffered the most losses and is still the most heavily contaminated area. The contamination was so bad that the military was ordered to rapidly pull-out, leaving behind most of their best gear. No Agent’s of The Division venture into this area looking for some of that gear and evidence that will help lead to a cure. Read More…

Dark Zone Loot Extraction

The Dark Zone is a great place to score some sweet loot in Tom Clancy’s The Division game, but make sure you understand what can (and will) happen. Knowing is half the battle! Dark Zone Loot Extraction The Dark Zone is technically the PvP area of the game, but the emphasis is really on PvE

Madison Field Hospital Hard Mode

Hagen & Tadradan take you on a walkthrough for Tom Clancy’s “The Division” Madison Field Hospital Mission on Hard Mode. You can re-run the Madison Field Hospital PvE quest mission as many times as you like (so far anyways), but only after beating it on “Normal” difficulty can you unlock “Hard mode.” This is nice,

The Division Thug Life

You were warned! We told you that The Division was full of thugs looking to jack you for your loot! The Division Thug Life Tadradan enjoy pissing off Hagen by randomly attacking other players today with little to no notice. We’ll prepare a recap of the last night of the Division PvP in the Dark

Its Dangerous to go alone the division dark zone

The Division has a PvP area called the “Dark Zone,” with a heavy emphasis on PvE so players can score some of the best loot in the game. The problem is…when you go alone, who has your back? In this short clip Tadradan shows you the hazards you face when trying to solo the Dark

The Division Game Beta First Hour

The Division Game Beta – First Hour After spending plenty of time cussing and swearing about the NDA from the Alpha, Ubisoft blessed everyone by not binding our hands, taping our mouths or blocking our capture devices! EPIC! Awesome! Now, let’s get recording for those poor saps that are stuck on PS4/PC or didn’t get