About Us

The Uber Newbs is a small group of gamers that love gaming! We have games that we like to play together and also appreciate different genres. Here we will post our YouTube videos on just about every game imaginable for tips, tricks, hacks, glitches, and general shenanigans!

Why are we “Uber Newbs”? Because we suck in soooo many ways! Seriously, K/D ratio of 0.05 in Destiny with light level 298….yep, we suck. But why curl into a ball and cry? I embrace the fact that we suck! – Tadradan


No, you guys might suck, but I’m totally OP! -TheUberNewbKing

Who Let that shit have that call sign? Whatever, face it we suck but we still cary your ass! – Hagen

Don’t worry guys, you’re fearless leader is hear! (as soon as I get internet again) – Sparta