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How to create a party in Star Citizen 2.6

How to create a party in Star Citizen 2.6

Playing with friends is a great way to crew that Starfarer Gemini you just stole….but where are they? They just joined right when you did but apparently they are on another instance? Don’t worry my friends, The Uber Newbs are here to the rescue…again!

In order to play with friends in Star Citizen 2.6 you first have to create a “party” in the main menu, then once the party (group) is formed 1 player goes into the Universe. Let’s call that player “host”. Once that player is in the Universe the other players can join him/her. The Party Members that are joining the “host” should first check the available space in the instance. If memory serves me, currently only 26 players are allowed in an instance at once. That might change in 3.0…it’s anyone’s guess really. Check to see what the instance population is before more group member join. (only the players joining the “host”can see that). If there is not enough room for the whole party, the “host” has to back out and then re-join the universe…hoping to get placed in a less populated instance…its a pain in the ass right now, but that’s how it’s done.

If you are all trying to meet at “Landing Pad 10” and still don’t see each other in Osiris, make sure you’re all on the same strut. There are 4 of them…A, B, C and D. Look at the signs that says the landing pad number until you figure out what strut you are on while your friends laugh at you, then wait for them. Maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll get his by a Vanduul Scythe while they are trying to EVA to your location, then you can laugh too!

Does your friend show as being offline but you know they are in game? Did you add them to your friends list of contacts in game? Silly gamer, that’s not how CIG wanted you to do it! (or they changed something, or something is changing…its all a bit confusing at the moment)

Never mind that, lets get this issue fixed! Follow theses steps:

  • 1) go to and log in (top right corner)
  • 2) you should see a tab under “account” that says “Contacts”, click that!
  • 3) these are not the friends you are looking for… at least the ones that appear offline when you know they are online. Leave them, delete them I leave that to your discretion
  • 4) But to see your real friends (or the ones you call friends) click the link at the bottom that says “ADD CITIZENS TO YOUR LIST>>>”
  • 5) use the search field and find the friend you want to add and click the “+” plus sign next to their name.
  • 6) repeat until you have added all of the people you think are your friends (or just the ones you want to stalk).
  • 7) Close the web browser and re-launch No Man’s Sky…I mean Star Citizen. Your friends should now be there.

Are you still reading this? I seriously have no more advise for you. If you can’t see your friends…well, maybe you should watch 6th sense.