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Easiest way to get a new ship in Star Citizen

What is the easiest way to get a new ship in Star Citizen? Short answer, take it. If you steal a ship in Star Citizen your acquire a “criminal history” and any “patrolled” areas will have some form of security element spawn upon your arrival to engage you in combat or chase you off.

I say stealing it is the easiest way, even though it doesn’t technically become yours, primarily because there is no in-game vendor (yet) for purchasing new ships. That might change with alpha 3.0, but I doubt it as that would tap into CIG’s main source of revenue…selling your ships for cold hard cash. You would think that after having generated over $121,000,000.00 USD in revenue from “pledges” and ship selling that they would have raised more than enough to finish production considering that Bungie had a $50,000,000.00 budget for the development of “Tom Clancy’s The Division.”

But I digress. Stealing a ship in Star Citizen right now is as easy as getting into the ship and flying off. You may want to take some time perfecting your take-offs before stealing a players ship because as soon as you start to take off your are immediately flagged by security and they will spawn and prepare to engage you. Sometimes they want shoot you while your still on the landing pad, but in my experience that is rare. Besides, what is more GTA(ish) than jacking some one else’s ride? Don’t worry, there ship is insured so they can spawn a new one.