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Minecraft Block Duplicator TNT Cannon

“The Uber Newb King” shows us how to create a Minecraft Block Duplicator and a TNT Cannon! That’s right, don’t dig to bedrock, blast your way there instead!!

Fallout 4 Crashed UFO Location Alien Blaster

Fallout 4 Alien Blaster

In this quick clip, Tadradan will show us the location of the Crashed UFO in Fallout 4, as well as where the Alien is hiding so that we can kill him and take his blaster…I mean welcome him properly to Earth.

Fallout 4 Glowing Sea Dr Brian Virgil Serum Location

Dr Brian Virgil

Tadradan has brought us another great video! In this quick clip for Fallout 4 “The Glowing Sea” side quest for Dr. Brian Virgil, Tadradan shows us how¬†to retrieve his serum from inside The Institute!

Key things to get inside the FEV Lab:

  1. Dr. Brian Virgil’s FEV Serum
  2. Dr. Brian Virgils holo tape (needed for a different mission later, you’ll thank me)
  3. Read his log journals about FEV (Forced Evolutionary Virus)

The Glowing Sea: After heading through the Glowing Sea and talking to Virgil about needing his help, Virgil will ask to get an experimental serum that he claims will make him a human again, but isn’t sure if it exists or not. You must agree to this if they want to complete “The Glowing Sea” and continue the main story line. The player character will have to go to the FEV labs in the Institute to retrieve the serum. Credit: wikia

The FEV Lab is located within the BioScience department at The Institute. There are two ways in, the quickest way is to have “Master Hacker” unlocked, but at the risk of being detected. Another option is to go through the secret back entrance. Make sure you have plenty of bobbypins!

Fallout 4 lost companion bug

lost companion

Fallout 4 has its fair share of bugs, but none are worse than trying to find a lost companion who isn’t where you told them to go! I’ve lost many companion somewhere in the commonwealth, and I’m here to help you save time and energy looking for them!

Again, Piper, Dogmeat, Valentine…even [redacted] Paladin Dance, they sometimes like to go off and do their own thing without really letting you know. So, when this happens to you, take my advice and look in the following areas:

  1. Check in and around the city you told them to go to.
  2. Check at their house.
  3. Check the locations of all quests you have, if they are affiliated with a quest they will be there…or the place within the quest they are supposed to be. (Dogmeat disappeared on me and couldn’t be found, then showed up in the middle of a Valentine quest!)
  4. Check the area where you first met them.
  5. And last place to look, check the area where you left them last (dismissed them). They could be stuck on a frickin rock…again.

*[EDIT] – edited to remove a phrase used referring to Paladin Dance as a person born out of wedlock, that may have been deemed as offensive or derogatory but some entities.

Fallout 4 Best Melee Weapon Kremvhs Tooth

kremvhs tooth

Fallout 4 has lots of great weapons and side lore, but few are better IMHO than Kremvh’s Tooth! The lore and backstory are even darker than some of the other creepy and corrupt side lore of the world before the war, but I don’t want to ruin the experience for you. This weapon is seriously wicked, with not just the most DPS and speed, but also applies a bleed effect AND poison!

You’re going to need to be around level 15 or so because there is no easy way to get this blade of death and mayhem, you’re going to have to fight for it. The fight can be tough, so stock up on stims…and rad-x and rad away, because you’re going to have to take a long swim in some very nasty radiated water. But the fighting, sickness and nightmares will be worth it when you start cutting down swaths of ghouls with every swing!

Fallout 4 x-01 Power Armor full set location

Fallout 4 players that love power armor are always on the lookout for upgrades, but few are harder to find than the infamous x-01 Power Armor! We all know that the T-60 was the latest set used by soldiers during the war, but what wasn’t known was that its predecessor was almost completed. This experimental suit is extremely powerful and has loads of great upgrades! Plus, it is esthetically pleasing, which other people will appreciate in game…and its eyes GLOW!

Fallout 4 Mentats Nukacola Fail

In this video we find a newb in his natural habitat. Fallout 4 has many dangerous activities already ready. We already know what happens in the real world when you mix things like “Mentos” and “Coke”, but what happens if you mix the Fallout 4 equivalent? This uber newb decided to try just that, and the results were…predictable.