How to Setup an Effective Ambush in XCom 2

XCom 2 Ambush

How to Setup an Effective Ambush in XCom 2

It is important for an effective ambush that your soldiers be deployed in a manner that they have at least 1 enemy in sight.

Placing your soldiers in overwatch means that they will attack any enemy forces that are moving. This is important because when the enemy is on the move they do not get a cover bonus if you have a clear line of sight on the target

They still get a dodge bonus and armor saves against your attacks

There isn’t much that we can do against a dodge bonus, but if you start your ambush off with a grenade it will shred the enemy’s armor allowing your other soldiers to deal more damage to the enemy as they run to take cover

Watch the video for more info!

How to Setup an Effective Ambush in XCom 2 – Video

This video was done against a standing patrol which makes for a much easier target as you can get all of your troops into a good fighting position with a lesser chance of being detected. Also you will notice that the river provides for a great line-of-sight to the enemies as they try to take cover. This is important, because any obstacles in the way provide a slight cover bonus to the enemies as they move making it much more difficult to hit.

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