Fallout 4 Glowing Sea Dr Brian Virgil Serum Location

Dr Brian Virgil

Tadradan has brought us another great video! In this quick clip for Fallout 4 “The Glowing Sea” side quest for Dr. Brian Virgil, Tadradan shows us how to retrieve his serum from inside The Institute!

Key things to get inside the FEV Lab:

  1. Dr. Brian Virgil’s FEV Serum
  2. Dr. Brian Virgils holo tape (needed for a different mission later, you’ll thank me)
  3. Read his log journals about FEV (Forced Evolutionary Virus)

The Glowing Sea: After heading through the Glowing Sea and talking to Virgil about needing his help, Virgil will ask to get an experimental serum that he claims will make him a human again, but isn’t sure if it exists or not. You must agree to this if they want to complete “The Glowing Sea” and continue the main story line. The player character will have to go to the FEV labs in the Institute to retrieve the serum. Credit: wikia

The FEV Lab is located within the BioScience department at The Institute. There are two ways in, the quickest way is to have “Master Hacker” unlocked, but at the risk of being detected. Another option is to go through the secret back entrance. Make sure you have plenty of bobbypins!

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