Dark Zone Loot Extraction

The Dark Zone is a great place to score some sweet loot in Tom Clancy’s The Division game, but make sure you understand what can (and will) happen. Knowing is half the battle!

Dark Zone Loot Extraction

The Dark Zone is technically the PvP area of the game, but the emphasis is really on PvE (unless you’re looking for some quick easy loot). The loot you score in the Dark Zone is some of the best gear in the game. High End (the absolute best) so far can only be purchased from vendors inside the Dark Zone using DZ specific currency.

All that sweet loot…is contaminated. What’s worse is you can only carry 6 (six) contaminated items at a time. So you’ll spend a lot of time calling for extractions. Tadradan and Hagen walk you through a few scenarios and explain all the different ways things can go wrong if you are not prepared. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

And if you want to know just how bad it can be, check out our The Division Thug Life video.

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