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The Division Game Beta First Hour

The Division Game Beta – First Hour

After spending plenty of time cussing and swearing about the NDA from the Alpha, Ubisoft blessed everyone by not binding our hands, taping our mouths or blocking our capture devices! EPIC! Awesome! Now, let’s get recording for those poor saps that are stuck on PS4/PC or didn’t get into the closed Beta…

Because when everything is said and done, so far The Division Beta feels much like the same as the Alpha. Now, we still have a ways to go. I mean, this is only the first hour of gameplay. At least this time they are ending it on a Sunday instead of a thursday…so us working slobs will have even more time to pwn some newbs!There is a rumor that the crafting station at your base is unlocked this time (that’s different), but what I really want to see is the spawn rate for mobs in the Dark Zone (that’s the PvP area that heavily emphasizes PvE…but let’s you attack anybody).

Tadradan takes us on the first hour of The Division solo, but later tonight we will run through the first handful of PvE missions co-op with Hagen, and then Friday night will be PvP. Our friends over at Guys Playing Games (GPG) said they might stop by from some intense channel vs. channel action! (but I think they are scared of us NEWBS!)

Anyways, enjoy this first hour gameplay footage, oh…NSFW

As with all of our “Play Through Series” we will update this page with the additional videos as they are published to YouTube!