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fallout 4 covenant human error solve without angering companion

Covenant Settlement

Covenant is probably one of the best looking and most defensible settlements in the Commonwealth, and for good reason. If you have not yet discovered this place in Fallout 4, you should go look for it. If you have the mission “Human Error”, then this location is already marked out for you. If you don’t have the “Human Error” mission, you will once you gain entrance to this fortified city. The overly friendly settlers there are up to something, and when you arrive “Honest Dan” will ask for your help. Honest Dan is a mercenary contracted by Old Man Stockton to find out what happened to his missing caravan, and all roads point to Covenant. It’s real easy to find out what happened if you want to start breaking into buildings, but then the whole town, turrets AND your companion will turn on you

The Covenant is a beautiful settlement with concrete walls and barbed wire, making it extremely defensible. Plenty of ready built homes, and a decent amount of room to grow just enough food to feed your settlers. The lack of a good water source requires you to build more than a few wells, but really the “luxury” and security of Covenant will more than make up for it. Covenant is such a well laid out city that, as long as you produce enough food and beds, it is nearly impossible to have unhappy settlers.

Another great feature is that it is centrally located, making it a great hub for your supply routes. At least for the northern half of the map (where most of your settlements are anyways).

In this video Tadradan will show you how to get the truth about Covenant, complete the “Human Error” mission, and be able to take over Covenant to add to your already massive list of settlements!